Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Oboe Relaxation

Richard Strauss [1864-1949]
I have come across a piece that is so pleasant and relaxing, I wanted to share it with you.  It is Richard Strauss' Oboe Concerto in D-Major. 

Richard Strauss was a German composer and conductor in the late Romantic/early Modern eras of music. 

This was one of the last works Strauss composed - in 1945.  This beautiful concerto has 3 movements: 1. Allegro Moderato 2. Andante and 3. Allegro Vivace.

Please turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy some relaxation with Strauss' Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra.

Richard Strauss: Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in D-Major:


James Denton said...

Would love to hear what you have to say about my CD with 1985 Van Cliburn Gold Medalist and friend of 32 years, José Feghali!

James R. Denton, cello & José Feghali, piano: Lives

Big Mike said...

yes, I would love to hear James. Is that the name of your CD "Lives"? I went on You Tube and couldn't locaste.. I just listened to Van Cliburn Gold medalist Jose Feghali--very moving, exquisite pianist! I will search and find & anxious to listen. Thanks, JD!

Jim said...

"Lives" is the name of the CD and it is available on my website at CelloJames.com, at iTunes, at Amazon, at CD Baby, and at Google Player. There are links to my disc for streaming at everyone of those places directly from my website. There is no YouTube version . . . yet!

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Jim. I will definitely check it out!!!
Keep up the great cello playing! :-))

Big Mike said...

Jim I heard clips of your album Lives with Jose Fegahli on I Tunes -so beautiful... I didn't realize the cello and piano could sound so wonderful together..so I had to go to your site and buy the CD ... can't wait to get. What moving beautiful music you and Jose produced together. Thanks!