Thursday, July 20, 2017

Two Bad Chess Players Of The Supreme Court

As the Republicans are struggling to repeal and or replace Obamacare, even Democrats admit there are many problems with Obamacare, especially the failure to bring down costs of health care and the increasing high costs of insurance and increasing lack of insurance providers to choose from in many states.  

Let us not forget one of the men who made this [Obamacare] all possible - Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court with his curious self re-writing the law [calling this a tax], the only way to make an un-constitutional law, constitutional. While he received criticism from most conservative Republicans, others opined he was really playing chess while others were playing checkers as it would force the issue to be decided by the people in future elections in who they put in congress. Brilliant! 

Because of these current events, Tales wishes to repeat this satire post [a juxtaposition between a ruling made by Chief Justice Harry Blackmun with this ruling made by Chief Justice John Roberts], first published 5 years ago on July 11, 2012.
In this post, some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent...I mean the identities.  While the names have been changed, the facts have not.

Don't Forget This Chess Player Of The Supreme Court [July 11, 2012]:

Harry Blackmun was a lifelong Republican and supposedly a conservative when president Richard Nixon appointed him to the Supreme Court.  So, when Justice Blackmun wrote the majority opinion in the Roe vs Wade decision, many if not most conservatives were deeply disappointed. This Nixon appointee was thought to be a strict constructionist to the constitution.  But in the Roe vs Wade decision, Blackmun came up with the "right to privacy" to deem unconstitutional the Texas statute against abortion.

The left was very pleased with Blackmun and heaped him with praise.  You had Fox Blitzer on CNN say that Blackmun was a profile in courage.  Charles Street on Foxy News was not alone when he said that Blackmun was playing chess while the others were playing checkers.

While the left was praising Justice Blackmun, even some conservatives like William Clear and Dr. Charles Krautnail, were defending him.  They said while his coming up with the right to privacy defense for abortions was a stretch, they could see how the case could be made. The bow tied George Wont said conservative Republicans should stop complaining as Harry Blackmun made a well thought out ruling.  Others said Blackmun was crazy like a fox. He would throw the abortion issue back to the public for pro lifers to have to make choices at the ballot box if they wanted to see abortions outlawed.  Brilliant cried some. Those conservatives defending him said this man was a true conservative at heart, and those complaining of this decision would see in future decisions of his real conservatism.  Besides they said, we would see the wisdom of his decision as those opposed to abortion would rise up and throw out the pro abortion politicians.  Chief Justice Blackmun was indeed playing chess, while the others were playing checkers.  His "right to privacy" sacrifice would ultimately lead to victory.

Some critics of Blackmun, though, say that abortion is still alive and well, and that nothing has changed since Blackmun's Roe vs Wade decision.  What happened to his great chess gambit?

Ah, but those uninformed extremists don't realize this decision was made by Justice Blackmun only 39 [now 44] years ago.   Give it time.

And then came another chess player of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts and his famous "call it a tax" chess gambit move.  

Both Justices Blackmun and Roberts have been checkmated - These two bad chess players of the United States Supreme Court


bradley said...

Brilliant juxtaposition---

Big Mike said...

Thanks Bro! I am glad you can see the satire in it....I know some won't understand.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that is quite interesting! Quite the chess player Roberts. Wrong move Justice Roberts.
Great read today Michael!

Krissy in ATX!

Big Mike said...

I think what we are saying Krissy is checkmate, Mr. Roberts! Thanks Austin!

Unknown said...

I'm lovin' it, Michael!! A little satire can go a long way :-))

Big Mike said...

Thanks Hawk!! God Bless!

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I see you Ila :-)))

Unknown said...

How can I laugh. It's awful what has happened to the Republic. Keep trying to boost my spirits, big Mike.

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Harry...just trying to do my part. :-)