Monday, March 15, 2021

These Blessings Of My Life

These Blessings Of My Life [first published-July 5, 2017]

Our wonderful granddaughter 
So adorable I cannot lie
Just came over to visit us 
Our precious little Skye 

One might say a visit
Not that very long
But it was like a sweet melody
In a very beautiful song

A visit when was over
Had me smile and contemplate 
The many blessings of my life
So awesome and so great

Who am I to deserve parents
So wonderful one cannot top
My beautiful Mom called Reenie
And my hero my Dad my Pop

Their lives so full and loving
While gone I am not sad
I am blessed by my sister Susan
And my brothers Sandy & Brad

So blessed am I to have siblings 
The best any one could find
This is what I am contemplating
As I sit here in my mind

This visit would not be possible
Without Sheralyn my wife my love my friend
Who birthed our wonderful Ebony
The good Lord who did us send

When I think so appreciatively 
Of my daughter, Skye and wife
I thank God every day 
For these Blessings of my life


Bedfordguy said...

Look out Tarzanna Joe!

Big Mike said...

Ha big Harry! I don't think I should quit my day job....or day retirement which is more like it. :-)