Thursday, July 6, 2017

President Class...President Less

Happy Birthday President George W. Bush 
As the Tales wishes President George W. Bush a very Happy and Blessed 71st Birthday, I'd like to do this repeat post from July of 2013, comparing a president I thought had much class to one who I believe had not so much. 

President Class...President Less: [from July 18, 2013]

Hat Tip To: Powerline Blog  thanks for article and some of the pics.

In a unique situation, last week you had the confluence of two president's in Africa at the same time.  The current president Barack H. Obama with First Lady Michelle [on their $100,000,000 tax payer paid vacation] and the president he succeeded in office, President George W Bush along with First Lady Laura Bush.   One seemed interested in getting political photo ops and making political speeches and the other one was interested in helping the average person of Africa with no concern about publicity.    I like to call them President Class and President Less.  

Check out the two presidents with these pictures from Africa last week.   

President Class:

President Less:

May God Bless President Bush and all his family!


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