Monday, July 10, 2017

Now This Is The Way To Handle A 9-11 Call

Repeat feel good post from four years ago in August of 2013.

I know many of you have heard this 9-11 call a brave young boy, 12 year old Deion Murdock of Port Arthur, TX, made as two invaders broke into his house as he was home alone.  Everyone is rightfully praising this obvious nice young boy and the way he handled himself under what had to be a terrifying event.  Not many adults could have handled the situation as well as this 12 year old did.

I also want to give special praise to the dispatcher in this 9-11 call, Latonya James.  She is a dispatcher with the Port Arthur Police Department who was magnificent in her handling the stressful call. We have heard of too many incidents where the 9-11 dispatcher seems to being uncaring or unsympathetic to the person in need.  

Not Latonya James.  She was perfect in handling the call.  She became his guardian angel in time of need.  Her call should be played in classes for 9-11 interns on how to handle a terrifying situation for a child.

Here the local Port Arthur TV station interviewed her.:

Update picture of 12 year old Deion Murdock meeting the dispatcher Latonya James:

God Bless Deion Murdock and Latonya James of Port Arthur.

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