Thursday, July 11, 2019

My Brother Brad's Pics With Legends Of Sports

A little over a year ago I did a post entitled, "Tales Pics With The News Makers" in which I showed some of my pics with some of the top news-makers [senators, radio host, TV news pundits and personalities, etc.] I have got to meet recently. In this post, I also included my brother being blessed to meet and get pics with some of the greats in sports.  Since that post, my brother attended the induction of Jeff Bagwell to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY where he added to his collection of pics with some of the greats of sports. Therefore, I think my brother deserves a special post on his own.

Tales on the left, Dr. Bradley B. on the right
So, without further ado, you can see why I call my brother blessed, with the pics of his meetings with some of the truly greats in sports [baseball, football, basketball, boxing].

My Brother Brad's Pics With Some of the Legends of Sports:

Brad with former Astros 3rd baseman, Geoff Blum

Brad with Hall of Fame great from the San Francisco Giants, Willie McCovey
Brad with Notre Dame "Fighting Irish" Basketball Coach - Mike Brey
Brad with former Houston Astros GM - Tal Smith
Brad with National Champion Texas Longhorn's football coach - Mack Brown
Brad with great relief pitcher/closer - Goose Gossage

Brad with the best leadoff hitter & base stealer in the history of MLB HOF- Ricky Henderson and with OF Ruben "El Caballo" Sierra

Brad with the great 3rd baseman for the KC Royals, Hall of Famer - George Brett 
Brad with Hall of Fame Houston Astros 2nd Baseman - Craig Biggio

Brad with all time MLB hit leader of the Cincinnati Reds - Pete Rose
Brad with Hall of Fame great Frank Robinson
Brad with Hall of Fame 2nd Baseman for the Astros/Reds - Joe Morgan
Brad with the "greatest of all time" boxing World Champion - Muhammad Ali

Brad with Reid Ryan - President of the Houston Astros
Brad with former Longhorn basketball player and now of the Orlando Magic - Mo Bamba

Brad with Longhorn National Championship QB - Vince Young

Brad with legendary ESPN broadcaster - Chris Berman
Brad with great Hall of Fame pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies - Steve "Lefty" Carlton
Brad with legendary great coach of the Texas Longhorns - Darryl Royal
Brad with one of the great pitchers of all time, Hall of Fame pitcher for the Cleveland Indians - Bob Feller

With all of these meetings with some of the great legends of sports, I think my brother would be proudest of the one he had with an Astros' ball boy.  During the last year of the Astrodome's existence, the Houston Astros chose [from family's letter's] a senior citizen to be one of the "ball boy's" for the Astros.  Our Dad, Pop, was chosen as an Astro's ball boy after a great letter written by Brad to the Astros why he should be chosen.  This was one of the most exciting moments for our Pop and one of the happiest for us seeing him dressed up in an Astros uniform and on the field in the Astrodome as one of the ball boys.  

Michael, Bradley and Astros 'ball boy' - our hero, our friend, our Dad, our Pop


bradley said...

You are spot on big bro Mike , that of all the pics, and memorabilia i have, and i have a whole room full, i cherish the ball our dear dad POP signed when he was a ballboy for the Astros.
Thx for the memories

Brad Beckman

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad....and come back when I add in a few minutes Ruben Sierra, Ricky Henderson and George Brett!