Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Always Be Leery Of Those Indignant Denials

This statement from then President Bill Clinton regarding the Lewinsky allegations on January 26, 1998:

Hillary Clinton before Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Jan. 23, 2013:

Donald Trump Jr. indignant response to Jake Tapper of CNN in July of 2016:

I don't have any statistics or studies to back this up, but just from decades of personal observation of political statements, no matter from which party or ideology a political person is coming from, one should always be leery of an indignant denial of an accusation against that politician or his party. 

Update: July 14, 2018:  In light of the indictments of 12 Russian intelligence officers, in hacking the DNC and Clinton campaign, handed down by the Special Counsel's office, it looks like Robby Mook was right. 

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