Thursday, May 31, 2018

'Who's On First' Sex Talk Variation

Hat tip: to my big brother Sandy for e-mailing me one of the funniest videos yet.  

This video on the You Tube web site: Jinx Yeo, is a very funny Singaporean comic who entitles this video, "Don't Skip The Sex Talk". It was all hilarious but what I loved the most was from 1:33-3:08 of the video where he is talking to his Mom.  It reminded me exactly of Abbot and Costello's famous hilarious skit, "Who's On First" [of course in a sex talk variation]

Don't worry, no x-rated material on The Tales [as much as you'd like there to be]   :-)
Singaporean comedian - Jinx Yeo
Don't Skip The Sex Talk - from JinxYeo - You Tube:

Now that was funny-you can click here to get to Jinx Yeo's web site