Friday, June 23, 2017

No Ordinary Joe

As I was doing my usual 5 mile walk in the mall on Friday, June 23, 2017 I was listening, as I always do, to the Hugh Hewitt Show when one of my favorite segments Hugh does every Friday-his poet laureate, Joe Santi aka Tarzana Joe, came on to read his latest poem.  I kept thinking how each poem I hear tops the last one, so I thought to help make my walk go a little faster, I would attempt to compose a poem in honor of [and inspired by] Tarzana Joe. 

But please do not show this to the fetching Mrs. Sheralyn B, as she will do the same thing she does when she hears my attempts at singing on my blog -"cringe".  

Joe Santi aka Tarzana Joe
No Ordinary Joe

It was many years ago 
I can't remember when 
This man came on the radio
Had a way with words even then

This poet Tarzana, Hugh Hewitt called him
On his radio show 
I came to find out in short order 
Was no ordinary Joe 

Hugh has had other great wordsmiths 
I certainly do recall
But after Lileks, Steyn and Tarzana
The roll call is oh so very small 

Joe can put his words in an order 
Like few can on paper or card 
Of course I'm talking this century
Surely not dissing The Bard

Mr. Hewitt has Tarzana Joe 
On each and every Friday
Let us hope unlike Duane the producer 
More than a pittance he gets for pay

Joe talks of life and news 
In ways that are so very positive
Only a mean spirited crank 
Could be in any way dismissive 

This laureate of poetry 
Is so witty in what he has to say
Each and every poem 
Will surely brighten up your day

And when I listen on Fridays 
And think I've heard Tarzana Joe's best 
I only have to wait a week 
When he tops it with his next 

Oh, by the way, Tarzana Joe's poem of today was what he called the big news of the day--Hugh Hewitt being named host of his own TV show on MSNBC airing on Saturdays at 8 am ET.  I hope everyone watches!

To connect with Tarzana Joe on twitter please connect to his ingenious twitter handle, @TarzanaJoe

And please check out Tarzana Joe's web site here, where he can write you a poem for a special occasion if you ever need that service. 

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