Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our Trip To Biloxi

The fetching Mrs. B and I had a wonderful trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. It more than met my expectations.  Biloxi, devastated by the Katrina Hurricane, is a peninsula with a beautiful bay and wonderful peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.  With casinos and hotels like Las Vegas, I call it a relaxing mini Vegas with beautiful scenery.  If you are looking for a new place to go on vacation, I would recommend Biloxi, MS highly.  And if you do come you must go on the Biloxi Tour Train, that gives you an hour and half tour of the very historic city of Biloxi. The tour lady talks about the history of Biloxi before Katrina and the devastation that Katrina did, heartbreakingly wiping out thousands of businesses and hundreds and hundreds of homes.  There is still much that is not rebuilt due to the extreme high insurance costs it is to rebuild.   Check out this picture where the blue on the pole represents the water level that far into the land that went back a half a mile.
blue mark represents how high the water level was during Katrina
I wish I had made some better pictures, but with the ones I took here is a video of our trip to Biloxi that includes view from our hotel, The Golden Nugget Casino, from the bay, MGM Park [where the fetching Mrs. B and I went to a minor league baseball game] and mostly from the Biloxi Tour Train. You must remember there was so much more there before Katrina hit.  I dedicate this to the good, friendly people of Biloxi, Mississippi.

Music: [1] The Mississippi State Song- [2] Biloxi song by Jack Ingram on You Tube- [3] Going Back to Houston by Dean Martin

Our Trip In May, 2017 To Biloxi, MS:


Unknown said...

What wonderful memories this video brings back for me MB:) I spent lots of time along the Gulf Coast as I have various family members who live there. I always loved visiting Biloxi it's so beautiful and can't help but still be a little sad at what's gone and not rebuilt:( BUT what has been rebuilt is great and the video tour yall made really made me smile so thanks for taking the time to do so:) It's such a beautiful place with many interesting buildings, architecture and plants! The people are truly southern and very warm and friendly! I love to listen to them talk their drawl is awesome:) My cousins say the word beer in 3 syllables which I know you understand since you've heard their accent from the locals:) I'm thrilled yall got to go spend time in the South of my youth it's really a magical place that no hurricane can ever totally destroy:) I have family & relatives from Houston to south of Tampa so we got the Gulf Coast covered. We used to have these wonderful family reunions when I was growing up and there were so much fun. The family history we learned at these reunions was so amazing. This was my Daddy's side of the family so mainly my Grandmother who was 1 of 12 all from the Cayman Islands. Just all wonderful people who lived live to the fullest and would give you the shirt of their back if you needed it. I was lucky enough to get to know many of my great aunts/uncles/grandparents which I've always treasured. When I say the family gene pool is strong when I look at pix of this extended side of Daddy's family it's almost breathtaking how much alike we look! Anyway I'm so glad you got this video posted! I even remembered some of the places you included in the video. The water is still beautiful even though the coastline has changed it's still awesome. Thanks for sharing:)

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much for your comments Jill and thanks for taking the time to share!