Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Four Great 'Just the facts, Ma'am' Journalists

I always regret doing a post like this because I know I will forget someone so obvious to me and everyone else that will pop to my mind once I publish this.  But here we go anyway.

There are many great [national-political] journalists out there.  Many try to be fair and balanced but [and maybe it's just me] you can detect that they are coming at it from either a liberal angle or a conservative angle.  I still love to hear or read their point of view.  Then there are some not so good journalists who definitely make no pretense about coming at an issue from either a liberal bias or a conservative bias.  I sometimes even like to hear their point of view, but take what they say with a grain of salt because I can detect the bias [even when it agrees with my conservative Republican bias].

Then there are some great talking and or print journalists who I call Dragnet's, Sgt. Friday's,"just the facts, ma'am," journalists.  While of course, they themselves maybe conservatives or liberals or independents, you cannot detect that bias in their reporting. They will give the facts and talk about them in that light.  Maybe they could also be called the E.F. Hutton journalists: when they speak, I listen.  Now of course the list isn't limited to just these four people I will name, there are many more, but these are just the ones who pop to my mind who I would like to give KUDOS. 

I love to listen to the intelligent Hugh Hewitt radio show, and maybe these four pop to my mind because I have heard all of these journalists frequently on his show.  In this list of four, I think most people would conclude, like me, that one might lean to the left, one to the right, and the other two, moderate to slightly right leanings.  But despite that diversity, you cannot tell that from their reporting or when they give their points of view about a political situation-it will be fair and balanced whether it helps their political party or ideology, or whether it may hurt it.

So, without further ado, the "Tales" list of four great national 'Just the facts, Ma'am' Journalists [in no particular order]:

Dan Balz
1. Dan Balz from his twitter home page: "Husband. Father. Political Reporter . Author of Collision 2012: Obama vs. Romney and the Future of Elections in America". 

Guy Benson
2. Guy P Benson - from his twitter home page: "End of Discussion' co-author, @Townhallcom Political Editor, @FoxNews contributor. Proud @NorthwesternU alum. Survivor of the 2016 election 🇺🇸 "

Robert Costa 
3. Robert Costa - from his twitter home page: "National political reporter, ; Moderator, ; Political analyst,  and "

David Drucker 
4. David M. Drucker - from his twitter home page: " Senior Political Correspondent &  Political Analyst"

Bravo to Dan Balz, Guy Benson, Robert Costa and David Drucker for a job well done, in my opinion!

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