Friday, April 7, 2017

Tales Tweet Of The Week - April 6, 2017

Well now fans of the Tales, it is that time, once again, that you have been waiting for with bated breath.  Yes my friends, it is time to announce the winner of the highly coveted "Tales Tweet of the Week" award. 

As the Tales law firm of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe [choosers of the Tales Tweet of the Week] have seemingly been asleep these last few weeks, it took a great friend of the Tales @servative on twitter, and a previous winner of the Tales Tweet of the Week, who gets credit for this week's winner.  @Servative made two great suggestions in his tweet to me: 1. he nominated this tweet [the winner] and then 2. suggested after he becomes the winner the Senate should go ahead and 'nuke' the filibuster.  Bravo on both ideas @servative!

To set this winning tweet up - it was a tweet in reply to a tweet from the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer [or as we friends like to call him 'Chuckie'].  Schumer's tweet on April 6, 2017 in the morning:  "Judge Gorsuch has shown he's far from being the kind of mainstream SCOTUS nominee that could earn 60 votes."

Without further ado, Tales is proud to announce this week's winner of the Tales Tweet of the Week@talkradio200, who just happens to be a good tribble friend with 'the Tales', NTTAWWT.  

On New Yorker, @talkradio200's twitter home page, he identifies himself:  "Follower of Jesus Christ.  Musician.  Academic.  Classical liberal.  Our task now is to prevent classical liberalism from being intertwined with Trumpism."

So, in response to Senator Schumer's tweet -that you will see at the bottom of @talkradio200's tweet response to Schumer - Tales is proud to announce the

Tales Tweet of the Week for April 6, 2017:

Congratulations @talkradio200 for joining the long list of honored tweeters who have been awarded the Tales Tweet of the Week!  

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