Tuesday, November 24, 2020

"Porcelain Unicorn"

Repeat Tales post from 2010 of a very moving and powerful award winning short film directed by American director, Keegan Wilcox, entitled "Porcelain Unicorn."

This short film of only about 3 minutes in length is very emotional as it tells the tale of how an encounter between a young German boy and a Jewish girl hiding in a closet during the Holocaust affects the boy in later life. 

You wouldn't think a film of such short length could bring tears to your eyes, but this just might.  Thanks for this video from director Wilcox' You Tube page.

Porcelain Unicorn by Keegan Wilcox, 2010:

I can see why this won the grand prize for the competition it was in. 

Bravo, Keegan Wilcox!