Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Not Being A Monday Morning Quarterback

Now that the GOP [Ryan/Trump] American Health Care Act has gone up in flames, I see many pundits wondering if they [President Trump and the congress] shouldn't have taken up tax reform first.  Now I hear other pundits asking [rightly] "isn't that being Monday morning quarterbacking?"  

Here is how a Republican pundit I like and respect a lot, Chris Stirewalt, put that question on his Face Book page:  "People saying they should have re-written the tax code first: You sure they wouldn't be saying the same about health if the tax deal tanked?"

But the Tales, may I say humbly but boldly, was prescient in asking why tax reform wasn't taken up first more than 2 weeks ago, as I asked that question in tweets on twitter, way before the vote when the bill went down took place-so, I cannot be accused of just being a Monday morning QB.  

I found one of those tweets I tweeted on March 9, 2017:
March 9, the Tales opines, "I still don't understand why this [AHCA] had to be first."

Not to be braggadocios, well maybe just a little, the "Tales" could see where this train was headed weeks ago.  

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