Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy Purim and Happy Anniversary to My Wife

In 3 days, on Saturday at sundown, March 11, 2017 it is the Jewish Holiday of Purim.

The story of Purim is told in the Book of Esther.  Esther, along with her cousin Mordecai, foiled a plot by Haman to kill all the Jews in ancient Persia.  I, along with many, am grateful for Esther, who was a great, beautiful, strong woman.

Happy Purim to all!

I also am grateful for another great, beautiful, strong woman.  My friend, my love, my blessing, my wife, Sheralyn.

It is our 35th wedding anniversary, today, March 8, and I want to say Happy Anniversary Sheralyn, Love Michael

Happy Anniversary Sheralyn!

Thank you for putting up with me for all these years.

For you, Sheralyn:

Does this mean I don't have to get a card?  :-)


Anonymous said...

"Happy Purim" Michael and may you and your beautiful bride have a wonderful 30th anniversary! Sounds like a really fun time! Earth Wind and Fire!

God Bless
Krissy Chase

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy!! Every Blessing to you and your family!

bradley said...

What a blessing to have 30 years together and love and respect each other like sheralyn and you do-- have a wonderful evening celebrating the love of 2 great human beings!
Love brad

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother. Love you!