Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wow! VP Pence Comes Down Hard On POTUS Reaction To Criticism

This post was from over 3 years ago, but it is still relevant [maybe even more relevant], than it was years ago.

Mike Pence speaking truth to power-well, maybe not so much :-)
Wow!   I couldn't believe this via Chuck Todd's "Meet The Press."  Vice-President, Mike Pence, not showing any reluctance to speak truth to power, blasted Donald Trump's thin-skinned instant need to react [mainly via twitter] to every single critic against him.  Will now president Trump tweet about his vice-president that he better watch out, or he may have to tell him, "you're fired."

 Listen to this, you won't believe it:

Video: Meet The Press, Sunday Feb. 5, 2017:

Oh, hold it.    Wait a second.  I have just been informed by the Tales ombudsman, Mr. Bigmouth, that VP Mike Pence wasn't speaking about President Donald Trump.  This was Representative Mike Pence when speaking, about then, president Barack Obama.

Never mind!  Forget about that speaking truth to power stuff.  

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