Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hava Nagila, Texas Style

Here is a repeat post from 3 years ago that I hope you enjoy of Hava Nagila, as performed by Pastor Hagee's Cornerstone Church singers.  I originally did this post before my wife and I had the pleasure of attending Pastor Hagee's awesome church during the CUFI special "Tribute to Honor Israel" night, with guests Dennis Prager and Israeli Ambassador Dermer.  It was a great program and honor to Israel as the Jewish state.

Hat Tip: to a great American, my Aunt Carla from St. Louis sent this video of the great Pastor John Hagee's Cornerstone Church in San Antonio.   Pastor Hagee is a great, unwavering supporter of the state of Israel.  We saluted him in this post on Tales: "Thank You Pastor Hagee For Your Unyielding Support Of Israel."

Pastor John Hagee
Hava Nagila is a positive, energetic Jewish folk song/dance that is sung in Hebrew.  Hava Nagila literally means, "Let us rejoice."  It is a staple at Jewish weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.  I think I can say in confidence, that a Jewish wedding is not complete until the band strikes up Hava Nagila to be sung and danced to.  You might say, Hava Nagila is to a Jewish wedding what the "fat lady" singing is to an opera. 

God Bless Pastor Hagee and the Cornerstone singers.  Being in Texas, the Cornerstone singers give you a Texas flavor to Hava Nagila that I think you will enjoy.  I sure did!

This video is from January of 2011 and still going strong!

Please turn up the volume and enjoy!

Hava Nagila, Texas Style-with the CUFI Cornerstone singers:


bradley said...

Man I'm dancing on the couch after listening to that-- awesome

Big Mike said...

Dance on brother!