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Albert Ketelbey's Inclusion Of The Kol Nidre Theme In His 'Sanctuary Of The Heart'

 Repeat Tales classical music post first published a couple of years ago.

On my morning walk on Sunday morning [Feb. 26, 2017] while listening to "All Classical Portland" I heard this peaceful meditative piece, with an almost movie like character.  What caught my ear was all of a sudden hearing the Jewish Kol Nidre theme which is chanted/sung in synagogues on Yom Kippur Eve - known as the 'Kol Nidre Service'.

Albert Ketelbey [1875 - 1959]
I found out the name of this piece was, "The Sanctuary of the Heart", composed by the late Romantic Era English composer, conductor and pianist, Albert Ketelbey.  On the Sanctuary of the Heart web page I found out some interesting information.   This piece was published in 1924 and in the synopsis in the sheet music when describing the origin of the themes in this piece, Ketelbey did not name the Kol Nidre theme only describing it as "an old melody".   The reason is, according to this article, there was a lot of prejudice in Britain in the 1920's against non-Christian religions.  It wasn't until 1928 when Ketelbey revised his synopsis of his piece did he finally include the name the Kol Nidre theme. 

Please turn up the volume, play in full screen and enjoy Ketelbey's "Sanctuary of the Heart".  This is a very nice melodic piece. 

Note: the Kol Nidre theme begins at the 1:38 mark. 

Albert Ketelbey: Sanctuary of the Heart:

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