Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Two Must See Movies-One Great and One Entertaining

The fetching Mrs B and I just saw, back to back, two 'must see' movies, in my humble opinion:  'Fences' and 'Rogue One-A Star Wars Story'.

'Fences' is a great movie, one of the best movies I have ever seen that I believe will [if there is any justice] win many Oscars at the Academy Awards.  Denzel Washington, the husband in this story of a family, set in the '60s could win best actor, and Viola Davis, who plays the wife, could...check that, should win best actress. This movie was very well directed by Denzel Washington.  So, it is possible that Denzel Washington will be up for best director and actor in the same movie.

"Fences" - could win best actor and best actress
Here is what I posted on my Facebook page immediately following the movie:  "Wow! My brother was right about the movie "Fences" we just saw. What an awesome emotional movie that could win every award. Best movie, best director [Denzel Washington],. best actor [Denzel Washington] and as impressive as Denzel was as best actor, the wife [I believe her name is Viola Davis] has to win best actress. Every character was developed fully and you cared and put your full emotion into every character. A lot of sadness-and a lot of reality involved here. My wife and I just felt drained after the movie, that my brother was also right in saying that you just didn't want to end because you were so involved in the characters lives. If this movie doesn't win at least a couple of the big awards, they might as well shut down the Academy Awards."

'Rogue One-A Star Wars Story' is just a good, fun entertaining movie that puts the original Star Wars movie "A New Hope" in perspective.  If you had just seen that original Star Wars Movie [which I believe was actually Episode IV], this is a must see.  In fact, unlike the last couple of Star War movies, if you hadn't seen any of the Star War movies, you will be entertained by 'Rogue One' and want to immediately see the original Star Wars.  I do not want to give any spoiler alert scenes to give anything away, but will just say this had great non-stop action all the way with a last scene that will bring a smile to your face. 

very entertaining-great lead in to original Star Wars-A New Hope
So, Tales highly recommends "Fences", a truly great and should be award winning movie, and 'Rogue One' a highly entertaining movie that takes you right into the Star Wars stories. 

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