Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tucker Carlson Check Mated By Gary Kasparov

Tucker Carlson has this new show on the Fox News Channel at 6:00 PM CT, taking the place of Greta Van Susteren's show at the same time.  He usually will have some weak leftist on who he can easily match wits with and take them down with good questioning and persistent follow up questions, to those questions unanswered. 

But tonight, Tuesday Jan. 3, 2017, Tucker tried to match wits with former world chess champion and brilliant human rights advocate and Putin foe, Gary Kasparov.  It wasn't pretty.

Gary Kasparov - former World Chess Champion and now human rights advocate
If I tell you it was like one was playing chess while the other was playing checkers do I have to tell you who was who?  The thing is Tucker could have also been playing chess but when you go up with someone as formidable as this world chess champion, it wouldn't have mattered.  Kasparov besides being a brilliant chess player also has a brilliant mind and great wit that I see displayed on twitter. 

By the way, I agreed with Gary Kasparov in the following video.

Gary Kasparov on Tucker Carlson Show, Jan. 3, 2017:

Gary Kasparov might have well announced to Tucker Carlson, "that is check and mate."  At least, Tucker was a good sport about it.  :-) 

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