Monday, January 30, 2017

This Executive Order By President Trump Would Be A Biggie

This attempt at parody isn't a criticism [or praise] of President Trump's daily Executive Orders, many, if not most of which, on the face of them have great merit.  Most of them sound great and as a conservative Republican I agree with almost all of them.  But I wonder what is really in them, what do they actually mean? Will what Trump announced actually occur?  For example, today he just signed an executive order regarding regulations on small businesses.  Who could be against that? That would be wonderful for the economy and this country if burdensome, harmful regulations were cut.  But did his executive order have a list of regulations that no longer apply to "small" businesses? Do all regulations end going forward from this day forward?  Is this just a promise that they will attempt to end regulations sometime in the future.  And then with signing this order Trump added, oh, "some regulations are good-but for every new regulation we must eliminate two existing regulations. So, is that all that the executive order states, that if there are any new regulations we will eliminate two other ones?   It sure would be nice to know.  All we had from POTUS was his assurance, this is a biggie.  Right on!

So, that got me to thinking, why not the following E.O. by the president that the whole nation would applaud.  This Executive Order by President Trump that would be a biggie:

With a backdrop of homeless and poor people, and the Vice President behind the Donald, president Trump receives his folder from Reince Priebus and opens it to read what he is about to sign.  After a brief pause POTUS says, "Ah, this is a big one.  I, Donald J. Trump say there should be no more poor Americans in this country.  Poverty from this day forward is eliminated in this country."  As he looks back to the people behind him he asks with a smile, "should I sign it, what do you think?"  "That's what I thought."  Donald signs this earth shaking executive order and shows it so that even the dishonest, 'worst people on earth' people that make up the corrupt media will have proof he signed it.  Also, he showed it to prove that he, Donald J. Trump has the greatest, most beautiful signature that any president has ever had in the United States, with the possible exception of the great Abraham Lincoln. 

Try and criticize this Executive Order MSM

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