Monday, January 9, 2017

The Great GOP Sting Of 2008 To Take Back Total Control Of Government

Repeat satire post from November of 2014 that explains how the GOP turned total Democrat control in 2008 into total Republican dominance in 2016.  The Tales nailed it--although a little off in predicting the commander-in-chief...but who else wasn't.  :-) 

           The Great GOP Sting Of 2008
Would 2008 be the beginning of the end for the GOP or just the beginning of  the beginning?

In Nov. 2008, things looked dim for the GOP.  Not only was the leftist ideologue Barack Hussein Obama elected president, but his coat tails brought in huge majorities in the House and Senate.  The Democrats had complete control of the federal government. Would this be the beginning of the end of the Republican Party?

Not if it was up to RNC chairman Reince Prietrain, and consultant Karl Rover who began plotting this elaborate sting that would work to take back the house in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and the presidency in 2016. 

Yes, the sting to take back the congress and the white house would have to be put into action.

"The Great GOP Sting Or Taking Back The Congress And The White House", coming soon to a theater near you:  

The following took place at the RNC Headquarters, Washington, D.C., Nov. 20, 2008, 1:30 pm.  [we think]

RP:  Karl, now that Barack Obama is the president-elect and the liberal Democrats are in control of the House and Senate with huge majorities, we must come up with a plan to save the country.  

KR:  I have the perfect 8 year plan, where we take the House back in 2010, the senate in 2014, and the presidency in 2016.  I wish we could do this faster, but with the media who elected this guy probably covering for him, this will take time. 

RP:  What's the plan "architect"?

KR: We know this Obama guy is interested in putting the federal government in charge of health care.  First we need to infiltrate a GOP operative, one of our guys, into the White House as one of the top advisers in drawing up and implementing a health care bill.  Then our plant needs to make the bill so onerous, so full of regulations and so unfavorable to the American people, that the American people would recoil at its passing. To add fuel to the fire, we [Republicans] will call the bill Obamacare and the egotist Obama I am sure would happily go along and adopt the term as his own.

One example our guy could do to make the bill so disliked by the American people is make sure that one of the main planks of the bill would be that every American will be forced to buy health insurance or face penalties [increased taxes] if they didn't.  

Then our operative would have to be so smart that he could actually convince the Democrats to pass such an unpopular plan.  If somehow we could get a guy in there who could do that, the result would be that the people would be so upset with the Democrats, they would be punished in 2010 where we would surely take over the House; and then after the bill's implementation and the American people actually experience how bad this bill is, we would surely take over the Senate in 2014 and then be in full control of congress. 

RP:  Let me stop you right there Karl.  Even if our guy could fool the Democrats to put in and actually pass such a law which forces Americans to buy health insurance, that law would be blatantly unconstitutional and surely struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Then there goes our plan up in smoke.

KR:  But Reince, this new Chief Justice Roberts is so smart he can come up with some ruling that, while recognizing the plan is unconstitutional, still not have the law thrown out.  Justice Roberts will be playing chess while the rest of the Supreme Court is playing checkers.  He will get the bill implemented before the nation knows what hit them.

RP:  Okay, that's good.  But do you actually know someone smart enough we can hire to pull this plan off?  Remember our guy will have to make the bill an anathema to the American people yet still be able to convince the Democrats to pass it despite its unpopularity.  This may take a genius to pull that off.

KR:  How about an MIT professor Reince, is that genius enough for you?  I know this good Republican  MIT professor named Goober who I am sure could slyly infiltrate the White House's health care advisory board and then get the Democrats in congress to pass a horrible bill that will unite the American people against it.  

RP:  Goober?  He only goes by one name?

KR:  Like other geniuses, Cher, Madonna, etc., this guy needs only one name.  

RP: Well, let's say this Goober guy gets in the inner workings of the White House and creates a health care bill that is passed by the Democrats that is so hated by the American people, that we take over the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014.  While, yes we will be back in control of the congress, the American people will be stuck with a monstrosity health care bill that hurts them. As much as we want to take back the congress, we don't want that to happen for the people.

KR:  Well, there is a second part of the plan that addresses that Mr. chairman.  You better sit down while I tell you the rest of the plan.

During the years our operative is the architect of the health care bill and getting it passed, he will make statements so outrageous before different groups, [statements that we make sure we capture on video-tape], that when the American people see them, it will be easy for our newly elected majorities in congress to dismantle and overhaul the health care bill.  

Goober will say with a smirk on his face, that the only way they could have passed the health care bill was by deceiving the people.  And listen closely to this: Goober will add that it was easy to do because the American people are stupid.  

And we won't have him saying this one time, or two times, but at least four times and maybe more. Would that be great or what Reince?  We will have the architect of Obama's health care plan [who everyone thinks is an Obama Democrat] calling the American people stupid.

RP:  Oh, come on, come on Karl.  There's no way we could get away with that.  That would be so outrageous everyone will know this Goober guy is one of us.  No MIT professor would be that stupid to make those statements disparaging the American people-and look into the camera while he is doing so.  

We will be found out.  The media will expose Goober as an obvious fraud, a Republican plant meant to undermine the bill all along.  

KR: You forget we are talking about the main stream liberal media, my friend Reince.  They will be so worried about covering up for the president and not even reporting that Goober called the American people stupid over and over again, that they wouldn't dare do an investigation and give more publicity to what the architect of the health care law said about the American people.  We will get away with it.

RP:  This just might work Karl. With the passing of the unpopular law by only Democrats, we take over the House in 2010.  Then when it is implemented and the American people experience in practice what they knew in theory, we will take over the Senate in 2014.  

Then we will get the new congress to dismantle the law when the American people find out that the architect of the law has called them stupid.  

With all of this damage going on created by Obama and the Democrats, there is no way the country will want a third term of Democrat rule.  The country will then surely turn to our young and upcoming dynamic Wisconsin governor Scott "Luke Sky" Walker in 2016.  

The plan will be complete and the country will be saved. 

Give me five Karl!

KR:  Give me five Reince!


bradley said...

The ability , with the lead of the MSM, of this president to avoid criticism and in fact turn legitimate opposition into claims of racism , is amazing--- I pray the underlying points of your parody come true, as the entire world , thanks to lack of leadership, is on the brink.

Big Mike said...

Agree Brad--- Thanks!