Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Senator Ted Cruz Points Out Democrats Silence In Search Of Justice The Last Eight Years

On the hearings for the nomination of Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General, Senator Ted Cruz once again showed his legal brilliance in those hearings by pointing out how the Democrats interest in the 'rule of law' and justice seemed to be newly founded with their silence in searching for justice during the Obama/Eric Holder/Loretta Lynn's years in office. 

Sen Ted Cruz, R-TX
In the following video I missed the opening minute of Senator's Ted Cruz' pointing out how the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee were silent in acts of injustice during the Obama administration, but I got enough examples, that Senator Cruz pointed out, that I think you will get the picture. 

Note:  After about a minute there was interruptions by some idiot hecklers from black lives matters...then Senator Cruz continues without being fazed. 

Excerpt of Senator Ted Cruz on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General Senate Judiciary Committe hearings, Jan. 10, 2016:

Senator Ted Cruz would be a good Supreme Court Justice nominee in my opinion. 


Sheralyn said...

Awesome as always. The truth is like a dagger, it cuts very deep, but to those who have no respect for the truth it falls on deaf ears. Those he was speaking to, still don't get it and it's useless to point these things out to them, but it's refreshing and reassuring to know that he hasn't loss his penchant for telling the truth. I'm very proud of him.


Big Mike said...

Thanks Sheralyn! great commentary says this unbiased person :-)