Thursday, January 12, 2017

Senator Marco Rubio On The Importance Of Moral Clarity

Senator Marco Rubio in the senate confirmation hearings for the Secretary of State position, gave some strong advice to nominee Rex Tillerson on the importance of stating certain moral clarity.  "You can't achieve moral clarity with rhetorical ambiguity."

Marco Rubio in Senate confirmation hearings of Rex Tillerson on January 11, 2017:

God Bless Senator Marco Rubio, who does have moral clarity, who I hope one day is our commander-in-chief.


Unknown said...

I listened to the entire questioning. Rubio'so questions were inappropriate and forced Tillman to be diplomatic. Rubio wasn'the trying to get at truth. I don'the understand his agenda.q

Big Mike said...

This is one time we will have to agree to disagree big Harry. I thought his questions were highly appropriate as we need a Sec of State to show moral clarity around the world. Senator Rubio has made many speeches on the Senate floor on the need of moral clarity, specifically in support of Israel against attacks by terrorists and for freedom in Cuba. He has criticized the Obama administration with fervent rhetoric for lack of such moral clarity. This is not anything new to Rubio-this is something he deeply believes in.