Wednesday, February 1, 2017

President Trump Flooding The Zone

On July 10, 2013 Tales published a post called, "Flooding The Zone" which described how frustrating and difficult opposing the Obama administration was, because they had so many bad actions, cover-ups and scandals [Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservatives, illegal recess appointments, changing Obamacare rules without legislation, etc.] that came one right after another that you couldn't concentrate on one, which resulted in nothing being stopped. 

From that post in 2013 it describes 'flooding the zone' a football term "where the offense sends out so many receivers in a zone defense that they can't all be covered.  If the defense concentrates on covering one receiver, then the others get open.  Sometimes there is so much confusion in the defense they all get open.   
Executed properly, flooding the zone with so many receivers will leave someone open
In another sense it is like the whack a mole game, where you hammer down one mole, another one pops up, and then when you whack that one, the original one comes back is impossible to keep them all down, if any of them."

So, that was back then when we [GOP] were frustrated with the Obama administration's 'flooding the zone' but now the shoe is on the other foot.

President Donald Trump is using this tactic, 'flooding the zone', with his daily issuing of executive orders in rapid fire manner, and now it is the Democrats who are frustrated.  About the time they start to criticize one order, here comes another they want to criticize and then another, so it ends up by not being able to concentrate on one issue, they aren't effective in denouncing any of them.  Trump's daily orders have the Democrats heads spinning just like you might see Cleveland Browns' defensive backs heads spinning watching another touchdown being scored against them.

Make no mistake this 'flooding the zone' is not by accident but a tactic by the Trump administration trying to exploit the Democrats already weak defense.  So far it is working. 

Of course, in football the way to counter flooding the zone is by the defense attacking the QB and either sacking him before he can get the pass off or rushing him into throwing a bad pass.  How the Democrats can do that in political terms, I will let them try and figure out. 

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