Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jerusalem, Israel In Amazing 3D

This was first published in August of 2011.

Hat Tip:  My sister-in-law Francine, a great American patriot and friend of Israel.
Please play this in full screen mode to get the full effect of the beauty of Jerusalem, Israel.

There is no political statement here...just showing the breath taking beauty of this great city.

God Bless Israel

God Bless America


DaveInAZ said...

Thanks, Big Mike, for sharing a wonderful piece. We're all Israelis now!

Big Mike said...

Thanks "We're all Arizonans/Texans/Israelis" :-))

The Balladeer said...

GLORIOUS!!!!!!!! Indeed the "Center of the World"!!!

Big Mike said...

It is amazing, Balladeer!