Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Great Rendition Of National Anthem On Saxophone

As, so far, no fans have been allowed in any of the team major pro sports [MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL], which means we are also missing the traditional National Anthem before the games, here is a post first published in January of 2017 of a great rendition of the National Anthem, played on Saxophone.

From: January 16, 2017:

Before the Atlanta Falcons-Seattle Seahawks playoff game in Atlanta's Georgia Dome, they had a unique National Anthem played on the saxophone.  I was skeptical about how it would sound, but it was amazing.  The virtuoso saxophonist was Mike Phillips. He held the note going into the last phrase longer than I have ever heard a note held. 

Check out Mike Phillips on the saxophone, National Anthem, Georgia Dome, Jan. 14, 2017:

Bravo, Mike Phillips!

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