Monday, August 12, 2019

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Repeat post from our short trip to San Antonio 5 1/2 years ago. 

My wonderful wife, Sheralyn, surprised me at Christmas [December 2013] with reservations at Hotel Valencia on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.  

San Antonio Riverwalk

What a relaxing nice trip-a great welcome surprise.  This was a trip to relax as we enjoyed the Riverwalk and area around the Alamo, so the following video does not capture all of San Antonio but a very important historical part of Texas.  

The historic Alamo - many heroes made their stand here 
I usually name the songs used in the video, but I think these are self explanatory.   Also, I think you can tell my wife and me apart...the fetching one is Sheralyn.  :-)

It's best viewed in full screen with volume up - if you don't like the pictures I think you will enjoy the music.

Note-From August 11, 2019---looking back, this may be the worst video the Tales has ever done...but with some of the best music the Tales has ever done.  I don't remember what kind of I phone I had at that time that would take such small and bad pictures...Yeah, that's the deal, I will blame it on my I-Phone.   :-)

A Tales San Antonio Christmas Get Away:


Unknown said...

Absolutely delightful, Michael!! Love it!! The selection of songs to go with the photos, just great!!! :-))

Big Mike said...

Thanks friend! I appreciate it. Happy New Year Balladeer!

Joel said...

Yes, well done! I was singing along to Deep in the Heart of Texas! (Harry knows The Alamo song by heart!) Looks like you had a wonderful time with "The Good." :) Happy New Year to you and Sheralyn!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel and Happy New Year 2014 to you and Harry!

bradley said...

Great real texas music to go with fun pics--- so glad you enjoyed your visit to an underrated fun San Antonio ! Hoping 2014 brings you and all your followers great health, the best gift of all !

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother! And may 2014 bring to everyone in our family great health and no more scares like 2013 brought! :-)))

Carolyn said...

Love this! And just love San Antonio! I know right where that hotel is. Many familiar scenes. I want to go back now!

Big Mike said...

:-). Happy New Year Carolyn!!