Thursday, January 12, 2017

Come Join The Republican Jewish Coalition

I was listening today to the the intelligent radio talk show, the Hugh Hewitt show, and was happy to hear Hugh Hewitt interview Matt Brooks, the executive director of an organization I belong to, the "Republican Jewish Coalition".  I have that interview down below. [note: Hugh Hewitt has a bad cold and his voice shows it :-)]

Matt Brooks - Executive director of RJC
The Republican Jewish Coalition was founded in 1985 and from their web site, they were founded "to be a unique bridge between the Jewish community and Republican decision-makers."  "On every level, the Republican Jewish Coalition is committed to building a strong, effective, and respected Jewish Republican voice in Washington and across the country."

While the RJC was founded to be a vehicle for Jewish Republicans, you do not have to be Jewish to join and become a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition.  I will put it like this: if you want to support Jewish Republicans who strongly support the Republican Party and that also have a strong support for Israel as the Jewish state, then come and join and become a full fledged member of the RJC.  In joining you will get the extra benefit of receiving the great RJC newsletter in your e-mail.  You will find it to be one of the better newsletters out there. 

Here is the interview that Hugh Hewitt, on his radio show, had today, January 11, 2017, with Matt Brooks:

Thanks to the Hughniverse, of which I suggest you become a subscriber, for providing the podcast of the Hugh Hewitt show.

Everyone please come and join the RJC by clicking here. 
Also, you can follow Matt Brooks on twitter:  @MbrooksRJC
The Republican Jewish Coalition on twitter is @RJC

Thank you!


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