Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hugh Hewitt Interviews Dr. Michael Oren and Amb Ron Dermer

Hugh Hewitt
Because of the Obama administration's anti-Israel play at the United Nations, Hugh Hewitt, host of the Hugh Hewitt radio show, interviewed two important voices and patriots from Israel, Dr. Michael Oren , Deputy Minister for Diplomacy, and Ambassador Ron Dermer [Israel's Ambassador to the United States] on his Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016 radio show.

Israel's Ambassador to the US - Ron Dermer

Israel's Deputy Minister for Diplomacy - Dr. Michael Oren

Thanks to the web sites, Hugh and the Hughniverse for the audio.  I suggest for all who want to hear any podcast from the intelligent radio talk show, Hugh Hewitt, to join the Hughniverse.   He interviewed Dr. Michael Oren in the second hour of his show and Ambassador Ron Dermer in the third hour.  The interview of Dr. Michael Oren lasts about 8 minutes and then the interview with Ambassador Dermer begins about the 8:45 mark.

Hugh Hewitt Interviews Dr. Michael Oren and Ambassador Ron Dermer on December 27, 2016:

God Bless these Israeli patriots!


Anonymous said...

I listened to the interview and was trying to make out the book that Oren recommended. What is the title of the book he spoke about which helps explain Obama's view of Israel, or was it sarcasm? Thanks, Steelbutterfly

Big Mike said...

Yes, I couldn't make it out either Steelbutterfly. something about.....government... I think he was being serious. I played it over and over and couldn't make it out.