Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Salute To All Doctors And Nurses Serving The Public

Repeat post from Nov. 3, 2016

About a month ago I had to go to the Emergency room at the hospital because of low blood pressure and I felt lightheaded and very weak. Then later that week I went to my internist, cardiologist and GI doctors. I just had a nuclear stress test and PET scan that cleared me of any blockage in my heart and showed my heart was good. 

In every case, the doctors and nurses were so awesome and caring about my situation and went out of their way making sure everything was done for my good health.  Also, the new medication my cardiologist recommended a few weeks ago has really helped improve my situation-as now my blood pressure is great and when I walk I can now do the 3 or 4 miles without even thinking about sitting down or being light headed or out of breath. 

So, when I just got home from having the PET scan and nuclear stress test, I sat down and reflected on all the great heroes in the medical profession, especially the doctors and nurses who spent years and years of study and long days of work to help people like me in helping prolong my life.  

[Update: It was determined in later tests by my great GI doc that I had internal bleeding that caused the all the problems-a problem that cleared itself after a few days-and now I am in excellent health]  :-) 

My brother, Dr. Bradley Beckman - my hero
Yes, I salute more than anything our hero soldiers overseas and our first responders at home [policemen and fire fighters] putting their lives on the line in saving lives and protecting our freedoms.  But right after that I salute every doctor and nurse and all in the medical profession for the great work you do!

Bravo to you all!

Personal Update: Sept. 10, 2018:  I am in great physical condition [via doc annual physical examination] and except for a brief period when I had a knee meniscus contusion that I have now recovered from [again thanks to therapy advise from a great orthopedic doc],  I have been walking 3-5 miles daily and have never felt better! 



Unknown said...

Yes, I agree some great people in that field. I hope it doesn't get ruined.

bradley said...

WOW this heartfelt post brings a tear to my eyes---- Thank you for the kind words.
This 38 year doc will tell you it has been and still is a privilege to have the trust of patients day in and dayout.
The ability to help people in need is something i have never taken for granted and your words only re affirm why i call it a privilege.

Love you BRO


Kim said...

Thank you, Michael!!! {{{{{}}}}}

Big Mike said...

You're welcome Kim. 😀