Thursday, November 10, 2016

Peaceful Transition of Power One of The Great American Hallmarks

There was a stunning 2016 election result as Donald Trump defied the polls in an amazing political upset in defeating Hillary Clinton to become president-elect Donald Trump.  

As many of you know I was a Never Trumper, so I was very heartened by Donald Trump's extremely gracious victory speech. It was a good speech.  I pray this speech sets the tone to help unify this divided country and as a patriot I wish Donald Trump all the best to do good for our country.

Congratulations president-elect Donald Trump
This morning Hillary Clinton also gave a gracious concession speech, saying Donald Trump is now the president of all the people and she wished him all the best. 

Then President Obama, who you know is not a big fan of Donald Trump, gave what I thought was a heart felt congratulatory speech to Donald Trump; he noted how president George W Bush [who he had many differences with] was so gracious to make him feel welcome in the transfer of power and he [president Obama] wanted to do the same for Donald Trump.  As many of you know, I am not a big fan of Barack Obama, but I thought this was one of his best speeches in his whole presidency and I welcomed it.

Beginning of President Obama's speech of congratulations to
Donald Trump on November 9, 2016:

This peaceful and successful transition of power is just one of the great American traditions that makes America the great country it is. 

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