Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Isn't It Time To Make the Targeting Of Police Officers A Federal Crime

Just over this weekend from Fox News.com:  Detective Benjamin Marconi, a San Antonio Police Officer, was ambushed and killed on Nov. 20, 2016.  Also, a St. Louis police officer sergeant on Nov. 20 was ambushed and shot twice in the face.  Thank God, while he is in critical condition, he is expected to survive.  Also, over the weekend an officer in Sanibel, FL was shot and injured as he was just sitting in his patrol car.
R.I.P. Detective Benjamin Marconi
There were other incidents where police officers were shot this weekend, but those were in struggles with suspects and this post is about those officers who were shot [and some killed], who were ambushed and targeted just because they were police officers.

Because this year of so many police officers have been shot [some to death], targeted just because they were police officers, I think it is about time that congress makes such targeting a federal crime.  I also think the penalty for purposefully targeting a police officer for death [if the officer lives] should result in a maximum life in prison penalty, and it should be a capital crime [death penalty] if the police officer dies after being targeted and shot to death [or however they are killed].

We do have, rightfully so, laws on the books that make it a federal crime if a police officer violates the civil rights of an American citizen. Now let's do the same if a citizen [or not a citizen] purposely acts to take the life of a police officer just because he is a police officer. 

One might question why we need a federal law, when there are state laws against the taking [or attempted murder] of a police officer's life. Just as there are federal crimes if a police officer violates the civil rights of a citizen because of enhanced punishment that might not be available in the state law, the same would be true if someone kills a police officer-for the enhanced punishment to act as a deterrent.  For example, if a police officer is targeted and purposely killed because he is a police officer in a state that does not recognize the death penalty, then that punishment would only be available if it were made a federal crime.

If that could only have a slight deterrent effect, I feel it would be better than nothing as we must try to do something to stop the sad inhumane purposely taking of innocent life of the men and women who put their lives on the line every day for our protection.  

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