Thursday, October 27, 2016

What Trump Fears More Than Himself Losing

It's obvious by the way Donald Trump is campaigning, calling this a rigged election [before it has even occurred] and that he may not respect the results of the election, that Trump is laying the way to make excuses for a loss.  A loss, make no mistake about it, he fears...especially because it will not just be a loss but it will be a loss to a woman.  I don't know how the misogynist, narcissist, egomaniac will be able to handle that one.

The man determined to make the Trump brand great again
But there is one thing that Donald Trump would dread even more than just losing to Hillary Clinton.  The thing Donald Trump would fear more than a loss would be if not only did he lose, but if that was coupled with the Republicans down ballot winning and maintaining control of the house and the senate

Donald Trump could make excuses for his loss and say he really didn't lose but it was stolen from him by the rigged system.  But if the Republican Party wins back the house and retains control of the U.S. Senate, that means the election couldn't have possibly been rigged against the Republican Party because the American people will show they wanted a Republican congress-they just didn't want a Donald Trump presidency.  Donald Trump's ego could never withstand that.  He would rather the whole party lose, because the truth is Donald Trump does not give a damn about the Republican Party or about the future of the country...he only cares about himself.

That is why I think if Trump's advisors come to him a day or two before the election and tell them their internal polls [if they even have any internal polls] show he can't win, we will see Donald Trump come out and make statements to try and burn the whole Republican Party down.  If he is going down in flames he will try and make sure the whole party goes down with him.  He will tell his supporters it is the Republican establishment who didn't want him to win and [hint, hint] you take it out on the down ballot Republicans.  If Trump does that, sadly many of his more ardent supporters will do just that and not vote for the down ballot Republicans.

The only way that this won't occur in my opinion is because Trump's ego is so big, he may not believe it even if every one of his advisors tell him he is going to lose.  

I hope for the Republican Party to be able to put a check on a Hillary Clinton presidency, the latter happens. 

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