Thursday, October 20, 2016

Two Questions I Would Ask Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas is a Christian best selling author ["Bonhoeffer", "Miracles", "Amazing Grace", "If You Can Keep It"], radio host of the "Eric Metaxas Show", and most importantly a devoted serious "witty ambassador for faith in public life" [description from ABC News].

Eric Metaxas - N.Y. Times best selling author & radio host 
I admire and respect greatly this moral gentleman, Eric Metaxas, and was therefore crestfallen when he made the case that Christians should support and vote for the 'not so moral and not so gentlemanly', Donald Trump, for president. 

He has made the argument that many Republicans do, who do not necessarily like the man, Donald Trump, or his "odious behavior", that because he [Trump] would be so much better than Hillary Clinton in his Supreme Court choices, Christians should overlook his character, hold their nose and vote for the person whose Supreme Court choices will be much more in line with their constitutional conservative ideals, than the liberal Hillary Clinton's choices. 

That made me wonder if such a moral Christian gentleman as this could advocate that other Christians "should vote for Trump", is there anything Trump could say or do that would be a line that a moral person could then not vote for the man, even if it meant a Hillary Clinton presidency?  

So, that made me think of two [or one depending on the answer to the first question] questions that I would ask of Eric Metaxas:  

1.  If in the unlikely case the "alt-right" advocates had gained a majority foot hold in the GOP and it turned out that the racist anti-Semite, white supremacist David Duke was the GOP nominee against Hillary Clinton, would you ask Christians to hold their nose and vote for this GOP candidate, realizing that despite how vile this "man" is he would still advocate better Supreme Court choices than Hillary Clinton? 

Now if you answer yes to that question than I do not have a second question.  But if, as I am almost 100% sure you would say there is no way any Christian much less anyone who should vote for this "evil" [my word] man, than I have a second question for you.

2.  How would you answer those advocates of the GOP nominee who would say you are in essence turning over the presidency to Hillary Clinton and her choices to the Supreme Court which would probably make many decisions against your faith held views?

I remember asking this question to a friend who was supporting Donald Trump and he got offended, "how dare you imply that I would even think about supporting [the racist] David Duke as the two situations are totally different".  

I promise, Mr. Metaxas, I am not asking these questions in a mean spirited way and I am not in any way implying that Donald Trump is close to being a David Duke.  I am just sincerely wanting to know what, I am sure, would be your thoughtful answer to the question #2 that I proposed. 

Thanks Eric Metaxas, every Blessing! 

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