Monday, October 10, 2016

The 'Trump Democrats' Myth Confirmed

In March of this year I did this post on the Tales: "The Myth Of Trump Bringing Democrats Into the Republican Party".

In that post I noted: "Many people are comparing what Trump is doing to what Ronald Reagan did with the Reagan Democrats.  This is not even close to being true.  Ronald Reagan, through great communication skills, was able to convince millions of Democrats that the conservatism inherent in the Republican Party and optimism was the way to rebuild this shining city on the hill [America].  These Democrats became Republicans.  They followed Ronald Reagan's mantra, 'I didn't leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me'.  
Donald Trump on the other hand is not using optimism and a core center of conservative beliefs to have Democrats join the Republican Party.  He is using demagoguery and fear [mostly xenophobic], praying to the worst instincts of some people who haven't voted in the past to vote for him...they are not becoming new Republicans.  These people could care less about the Republican Party...or even it's survival, which I submit is in danger if we nominate this con man."

Because it is becoming obvious to many in the Republican Party that Donald Trump cannot win [esp. after the release of the audio of the misogynistic vulgar comments by Trump] and that his staying on the ticket not only guarantees a Hillary Clinton victory but also puts in jeopardy the GOP control of the Senate and possibly the House, many are asking Trump to leave the race. 

And what is the one thing we are hearing from the Trump sycophants why we can't do that?  Because if Trump is forced to leave the top of the ticket all those so-called new Republican voters that Trump has brought in will leave, guaranteeing a Hillary win.

Well, there you go.  First of all I don't believe there are all these millions of new voters that Trump has brought in, but even if it was the case, we are told they will no longer stay in the Republican fold if Trump is out.  That proves it right there. Trump hasn't brought in one new Republican voter...he has only brought in [if that is true] people who are loyal to Donald Trump-damn the Republican Party.

Think about that.  Those of us in the #NeverTrump camp [who have been life long loyal Republicans our whole lives] have been told if we don't vote for Donald Trump we are in effect voting for Hillary Clinton and we will be responsible for a Hillary Clinton presidency and the resulting Supreme Court nominations she puts in.  But then the same people say that if Trump is not the nominee many "GOP voters" will be so mad they will not vote for the new GOP candidate.  In other words, using their own logic, they will be voting for Hillary Clinton guaranteeing her victory.  Doesn't that prove that these new voters Trump has supposedly brought into the Republican Party could care less about denying a Hillary Clinton victory.

The one and only thing they care about is Donald "the con man" Trump.  Just like the guy they follow, they don't care if the Republicans lose the Senate and the House and if the Republican Party is destroyed in the process. 

It is actually the 'Never Trumpers' and not those "new voters" [who will be voting for Trump] who are the ones that care deeply about the future and survivability of the Republican Party and about maintaining a Republican congress [House and Senate] to counter what will surely be a Hillary Clinton presidency. 

Never Trumpers are actually the ones that care about the future of this Republican party and not the new Trump voters
I echo Hugh Hewitt by saying "for the good of the country, for the good of the Party [GOP], and most importantly for the good of Donald Trump and his family", do the right thing Donald Trump and withdraw from the race.  If you do, that will be one honorable thing all can compliment you on.


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