Monday, October 31, 2016

'Straight No Chaser' In H-Town

My wife and I saw this awesome music concert in Houston on Sunday afternoon at the Revention Music Center in downtown H-Town.  It was this amazing A Capella singing group which began in Indiana University about 20 years ago called "Straight No Chaser".

A Capella -  A so beautiful
When you hear their beautiful voices harmonizing in perfection on one of the songs, you could swear you are also hearing percussion instruments in the background...but they use no background music, all of this amazing sound comes from their own voices.  

What I also love about this group is they not only let you take pictures and videos at their concerts, they encourage you to do so and share your experience on Facebook or You Tube or, as I have done, on my blog.  This is the only concert I have ever been to where you are allowed to take pictures and videos as the concert is actually going on. 

I don't have the best video equipment [just my I-Phone] so the picture quality is not as good as I wanted, but here are three examples of the awesome, extraordinaire A Capella  group - "Straight No Chaser".  The first is a sweet ballad that I do not know the name of [maybe you can help me out]; the second video is their famous "12 Days Of Christmas"; and the third video is a beautiful Christmas song, "Mary, Did You Know?"  You do not have to be a Christian to hear the beauty of this song. 

As I do on my classical music posts on the weekend, I ask you to please turn up the volume and enjoy some awesome beauty.

Straight No Chaser in Houston, October 30, 2016:

Straight No Chaser in Houston, October 30, 2016, "12 Days of Christmas":

Straight No Chaser in Houston, October 30, 2016, "Mary Did You Know?":

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