Monday, October 24, 2016

Interesting Theory By Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd - host of Meet the Press
Chuck Todd, the host of Meet the Press on NBC, put out an interesting theory on Sunday that I believe is quite plausible. The discussion turned to how Hillary Clinton would govern in the more than likely event that she wins the presidency, especially with all the push back and distrust from many of the Bernie Sanders wing of the party that will want to push her to the far left [even farther than she wants to go].

Chuck Todd said that he thinks it is possible that Hillary Clinton "secretly hopes that Paul Ryan remains as Speaker of the House [i.e., that the Republicans maintain control of the house] to counter the progressives" [i.e., Bernie Sanders wing] from her own party. Chuck said, that way Hillary could tell the "progressives" that she of course would like to go farther [in legislation], but she is stymied by the Republicans and Paul Ryan and she has to work with him to get legislation through.

I actually hope that it is true and I hope that the Republicans retain the House and the Speaker remains Paul Ryan.  If Hillary Clinton does win the presidency and Speaker Ryan remains as such, then I believe, like I have heard radio host of the Hugh Hewitt Show, Hugh Hewitt say, "Paul Ryan then would be the voice of the Republican Party."   That would be a helpful thing to begin to mend the party from the division that the Donald Trump candidacy and many of his bad actor supporters, like alt-right people, have caused.  


eurobird said...

Thanks Michael, should this turn out to be the case, I' d be happierwith the outcome of the election

Big Mike said...

Thanks Peter! Every Blessing.