Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ana Navarro - 'Donald Trump's Behavior Is Not Republican'

This presidential election has brought much sadness to me, especially regarding the split that it has caused among conservatives and the Republican Party.  But this election has also given me hope because of some great patriots I have really come to admire and respect on the right.  Some I had not thought of before, like CNN and ABC Republican political commentator, Ana Navarro.  That is the reason I put her in this list on this 'Tales' post I did a couple of months ago: "But As For Me."

CNN & ABC political commentator Ana Navarro
Here is a rant she did on Anderson Cooper's show CNN on last Friday night that I agree with and why I have come to admire this Republican patriot.  She wants the world to know that while Donald Trump may be the nominee of the Republican Party, his behavior is not Republican.

Ana Navarro on CNN Anderson Cooper's Show on Sept. 30:

I stand with Ana!


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