Monday, October 10, 2016

An Amazing Debate Statement Overlooked By Many

Hat/Tip:  CNN "At This Hour With Berman and Boduan"

Not that it makes any difference because I believe now if Donald Trump remains as the nominee of the Republican Party, we [GOP] are headed for an electoral landslide loss and probable loss of the U.S. Senate [I'm holding out hope there], but there was an amazing moment [to me] at the debate last night that seems to be overlooked.  When I first heard it I immediately said, whoa, I've never heard that before in a presidential debate.

Donald Trump was asked by Martha Raddatz about the humanitarian crisis in Syria caused by the Syrian regime under Assad and Russia bombing in Aleppo; Martha Radatz reminded Trump of what his running mate Mike Pence had said about it.  After listening to what Pence said, Trump opened up his answer with, "I haven't talked to him [VP candidate Mike Pence] about it and I disagree, I disagree."

That's when I went whoa.  First of all, you [Donald Trump] haven't talked to your running mate about such an important issue-involving Syria, Russia, Putin shenanigans, etc.- but even more importantly he disagrees with Pence's clear, strong conservative position on the issue.

What is more troubling to me, today on Fox News I understand Pence, who is having to do cartwheels trying to pretend Trump doesn't say what he says, blamed Martha Radditz for misrepresenting what he said in the previous debate.  Pence said that he was only talking about safe zones, and Donald and him are eye to eye on that, so the disagreement was made up by the MSM. 

Oh, really Mike, you were only talking about "safe zones", so Martha Raddatz should be ashamed of herself?  Well let's watch what the Tale of the tape says via CNN.

CNN: From St. Louis presidential debate of Oct. 9, 2016:

I remember after Mike Pence strong winning debate performance a week before, I heard [and saw on twitter] many conservative pundits say Pence's strong clear answer on that very Syrian/Russia/Putin question should give #NeverTrump Republicans comfort as he articulated in no uncertain terms how strong a commander in chief Donald Trump will be.   

Comfort, uh, not so much.


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