Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hugh Hewitt's Morning Glory-The Hughniverse' Evening Grace

If you listen to the most intelligent talk radio show in the morning, the Hugh Hewitt Show, Hugh will always open up his show by saying "Morning Glory, and for those listening to the podcast in the Hughniverse in the afternoon or later, Evening Grace".

I am doing this repeat post from April 5, 2016 when Hugh began his show in the mornings [switching from when he did the shows in the late afternoon] in asking you to consider getting a membership [at a reasonable price] from the Hughniverse web site.  Not only can you listen to any podcast of any Hugh Hewitt show that you miss, there is much more to the Hughniverse than that.  There is a private chat room of Hughniverse members only where you can not only chat during the show but see video of Hugh doing the show.  

Also, Hugh Hewitt's loyal radio producer Duane Patterson does a really excellent and entertaining Aftershow most days from 7-8:30 pm Central Time.  On Friday's many times the great humorist blogger/writer/columnist from Minnesota James Lileks will drop in the Hughniverse Aftershow to join Duane and those in the chat room for some really funny banter between Duane and James.  Also in the Hughniverse you can access Duane FM where Duane Patterson and "tribble" Michael Patrick Tracey play some of your favorite music.  

They have just started this special introductory price to check out "The Hughniverse": 
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Here is the post I first published in April of this year and updated on June 1:  Hugh Hewitt In The Morning"

Update: June 1, 2016:  If you will click on the video below titled "Hugh Hewitt Show - Monday, April 4, 2016" you will hear Hugh give his outstanding autobiography.  When you hear it you will realize it is an amazing lifetime of achievements gained through tremendous hard work, intelligence, and education by Hugh.  I am giving this update as you can add to the long list of Hugh's achievements as he has recently been officially named as an NBC/MSNBC political analyst, as he told us on his radio show on May 26:

Congratulations and Bravo!, Hugh Hewitt
Hugh Hewitt In The Mornings - April 5, 2016

The name of this blog came about from my love for the Hugh Hewitt radio talk show.  Hugh has dubbed his most loyal listeners and followers on twitter as "tribbles" - thus, comes the name of my blog, "Tales from a Tribble".

Morning Glory - Evening Grace

I have always considered his talk show, which comes at the issues from a center right position, the most intelligent talk radio show going. Hugh has always had on his show the top news-makers and news-tellers [journalists] of the day [from the left, center and right]. Because of that Hugh likes to say his show not only informs of the breaking news of the day, but his show makes news because of comments made on his show by the news-makers.  It's not that Hugh has on all the great news-makers of the day that makes his show so great, but that Hugh, in my opinion, is the best interviewer out there. 

Since I have started this blog years ago, the Hugh Hewitt brand has grown to even greater heights as Hugh can now be seen regularly on the Sunday news shows, CNN's "State of the Union" with Jake Tapper, ABC's "This Week" with George Stephanopolous, and NBC's Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. Also, Hugh has been one of the questioners on many of the Republican presidential debates. Hugh has also been on TV at times on the Fox News Channel and on CNN with Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper.  And as this presidential primary season began over a year ago, Hugh has had every Republican presidential candidate on his show numerous times [remember the GOP started with 17 candidates].  Because of that many pundits have called Hugh Hewitt, "The kingmaker." 

The Hugh Hewitt afternoon radio show for a decade has come from Southern California.  As his show began at 6 pm ET, many people have told me they would like to listen to Hugh but that time period precluded them from listening.  Well, there are no excuses anymore not to listen to the Hugh Hewitt radio show as Hugh has literally moved to Washington D.C., with his new time period being 6-9 a.m., E.T.   

Hugh Hewitt radio producer [if he had one], Duane 'generalissimo' Patterson
Hugh has taken over the time slot that for many years former Education Secretary, Bill Bennett had held.  In fact, the first guest Hugh had on his initial morning show on Monday, April 4, 2016 was Bill Bennett.  Monday's show was a smooth transition from the beloved Bill Bennett to Hugh Hewitt.  Hugh's first interview, after Bill Bennett, was Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, R-WI, who called in from Israel after just having a meeting with Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  How great is that?  I tweeted on twitter to those who were listening to Hugh for the first time, that they may think because this was Hugh's first morning show that having the Speaker of the House calling in from Israel was a unique occasion, but I said, no this is the Hugh Hewitt radio show's modus operandi. 

Hugh Hewitt has an amazing biography, and rather than me try to tell it to you and probably mess it up, I will let Hugh himself give it to you as he introduced himself to the listeners on this, his first new morning Hugh Hewitt Show.

Note:  The podcast of this show I got from being a member of the Hughniverse that I suggest you become a member of. 

Hugh Hewitt Show: Monday, April 4, 2016:

I told you it was great.  Far from me to add anything to Hugh's description, but there is one thing he forgot to tell you in his introduction of himself.  Hugh is a best selling author, with his latest book about the Hillary Clinton campaign:  "The Queen: The Epic Ambition of Hillary and the Coming of a Second 'Clinton Era'." 

It's Hugh Hewitt in the mornings and now it's time for all to listen!  Check the Hugh Hewitt web site to find out where to listen in your location.


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