Monday, October 17, 2016

He Who Lives By The Media Dies By The Media

Repeat post first published on Aug. 15, 2016--I think the next to the last paragraph shows the Tales was pretty prescient.

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you that there is a clear double standard in the main stream media and that they are attempting to help the Democrat nominee for president get elected...LIKE THEY HAVE THE LAST FORTY YEARS.

Cry me a river for these Trump supporters whining about the media being so unfair to poor this is the first time this has ever happened and like they wouldn't have done this to any other GOP candidate, if they were the nominee instead of Trump.

And why am I being so tough on the Trump campaign and his supporters.  Because it is this same media that sadly [for those of us who care about the Republican Party] helped get Donald Trump elected as the nominee of the Party.  This media not only gave Donald Trump non-stop coverage, ignoring all of the other Republican candidates, they gave him positive coverage and in fact covered up for him when he was making just as many stupid statements as he is today. They would say, in glowing admiration, look at this, Donald is saying these things and is able to get away with them and even grow his support.

It is the main steam media along with the Fox News Channel that propelled Donald Trump to the nomination.  The Fox News Channel did it because they are totally in the tank for Trump, and the main stream media obviously did it because they wanted the weakest candidate as possible to go against their candidate, Hillary.

The MSM and Fox News Channel worked together to aid Trump in getting the GOP nomination - and many of those who voted in the GOP primaries sadly fell for it.

It was so obvious, I kept tweeting this on twitter about why the GOP couldn't pick Donald Trump as our nominee because the main stream media was showing that they knew he was the easiest, and maybe only candidate who could possibly lose to Hillary Clinton.  And what was the response when every time I would tweet this?  "oh, you just hate Trump; we're tired of you establishment RINOs".  

I also would tweet "just you watch, once the MSM got Trump in as the GOP nominee, they would turn on him quicker than a New York minute-and they have so much material they will be able to use against him."   And what would I get from Trump supporters when I said this on twitter?  I would be told that the MSM will never turn on Trump for two reasons.  He is good for their business as he brings in a big audience and they actually like a lot of things he is saying.  And the second argument would be that the media would never attack him because they are afraid he would turn the attack back on them.  The media sees how when he is hit he hits back, and they didn't want the Donald to hit back at them.  Ooooh.

This all was as obvious as the nose on your face.  If you just stepped back from the trees to see the forest, you could tell that the media was helping Trump get the GOP nomination [and it worked], and now they will help Hillary Clinton get the presidency [and it will work].  

Also, I will make this further prediction.  If you think [and you are right] that this is a bad double standard against the GOP candidate, wait until we get past Labor Day and closer to the election.  In the words of the legendary singer/entertainer Al Jolson, "You ain't [seen] nothin' yet."  

Just remember, 'He who lives by the media, dies by the media'.    

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