Friday, August 12, 2016

Trump Now Says It Was All Sarcasm - You Decide

To: Duane Patterson - aka the radio producer of the Hugh Hewitt show; aka @radioblogger on twitter; aka generalissimo; aka a good man [despite what Hugh Hewitt says]. 

Duane posted on twitter on Friday morning August 12, 2016 the following tweet [in which he included a Retweet from none other than the Donald himself].  For those not familiar with twitter, read Donald J Trump's original tweet first, which is at the bottom and then read Duane Patterson's tweet on the top.  

Hmm.  Let's see it was Wednesday when Donald Trump made his original comment that President Obama was the "founder" of ISIS, and then yesterday, Thursday, he doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on his original comment.  Now today, Friday in the morning he tweeted this out. [as seen above]

Here, thanks to CNN, is a montage of Trump's comments from yesterday, August 11, 2016 one day after he made his original comment and you decide for yourself if you think Donald Trump was being sarcastic in any way when making the comments. 

Note:  This is not a loop of the same comment but comments Trump actually made at different times of the day, from the early morning until Thursday evening.

I've made my decision and will let you decide for yourself.

Thanks again to Duane Patterson for informing me of Donald Trump's tweet this [Friday] morning.  And I ask each of you to please read this post I have done about big Duane by clicking here.

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