Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Man Who ... Tells It Like It Is?

Best of the Tales post first published in August of 2016-shows you even four years later, some things stay the same. ;-) 

Well once again, with his [the Donald's] second amendment comment, we have the man who most of his supporters say what they like about him is he that "he means what he says and he says what he means", making the excuse for his stupid comment by saying 'he didn't really mean what he said'.  

This man tells it like it is...........or maybe not
What is it that almost all of his supporters say they also like about Donald Trump?  That he is a truth teller, who tells it like it is.  

Hmm, the Tales has found this video thanks to Plain Sight where you can decide for yourself it this is Mr. "tells it like it is."

Yep, that lady at the end of the video is right...we want someone in Washington who will finally tell the truth and tell us what they really mean.  

Where the hell you're going to find that person in 2016, God only knows. 

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