Monday, December 5, 2016

Tales Pics With The News-makers

For over 60 years of my life I have seen many celebrities in person [i.e., have been in the same venue] and of course on TV, but have never been blessed to meet in person and shake hands with any of them.  That has ended and within just the last couple of years I have met some of the powerful news makers in person. 

At the same time, my younger brother, skin doc Bradley, has also met with some greats in the world of sports in the last couple of years [with one pic earlier than the last couple of years].  

Here is the Tales with some of the news-makers, in order of meeting them:  

The Tales meets Texas U.S. Senator, Ted Cruz

The Tales and the fetching Mrs. Tales with radio host extraordinaire, Hugh Hewitt

The Tales meets a sweet and nice lady, Gretchen Carlson

  The Tales with the great Senator from Florida and hopefully future president of the United States, Marco Rubio

The Tales meets the great patriot and blockbuster film documentary producer, Dinesh D'Souza

The Tales meets the Press Sec for President George W. Bush, star of "TheFive" show on the Fox News Channel, great patriot and all around nice person, Dana Perino

Here is the Tales brother Bradley meeting some of the news-makers in the world of sports:

Bradley with "the greatest of all time"

Bradley with the great ND "fighting Irish" basketball coach, Mike Brey

Bradley with legendary national championship UT Longhorns football coach, Mack Brown

Bradley with Hall of Fame baseball great Craig Biggio

Sometimes one forget how blessed they have been these last couple of years in the midst of what some of us have think been disastrous politically.  I would say my brother and me have been pretty blessed to meet in person some of the great news-makers in politics and sports.

Of course, I have saved my most blessed meeting recently:

My grand daughter Skye Noelle - born Dec. 11, 2015

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