Thursday, August 25, 2016

An Expression Tells A Thousand Words

I noticed this video of a campaign rally in Mississippi where Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton "a bigot".  Of course, I am not shocked anymore at whatever Donald Trump says, but I noticed in this video a person who did seem a little shocked.  I may have very well missed it, but I haven't heard anyone on TV who noticed this lady [i.e., her expression].  And I assume, since this is in a campaign rally for Trump and she is sitting right there near the front, she is a big supporter for Trump-so, that is why I thought her expression was instructive of Trump's words.

So, watch the expression of the lady on the left of the screen as Donald Trump is calling Hillary Clinton a bigot and I think you will agree with me, an expression, like a picture, tells a thousand words.

CNN video from Trump rally in Mississippi the night before [August 24, 2016]


bradley said...

Hillary Clinton can be described in a lot of ways ( liar, poor judgement, evasive, naive) but bigot is NOT one that fits---- I think that lady w the face is thinking, " man , this bully dude must have forgotten the glass house saying."

belfeckmalfan said...

Right on Brad!

Big Mike said...

Double right on Brad!