Monday, August 22, 2016

A Greg Gutfeld Oldie But Goodie

This is an oldie but goodie post from a Greg Gutfeld segment on "The Five" afternoon show on the Fox News Channel that still rings true today. It was first published in February of this year.  The Tales called it "Who Let The Dogs Out".

Who Let The Dogs Out?  posted on Feb. 18, 2016:

Greg -Mr. Quipster-Gutfeld
I love the Fox News Show "The Five", especially when they have some funny segments on.  Those funny segments usually include one of the great quipsters of all time, Greg Gutfeld.  This happened on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016 as Greg narrated one of the funniest segments of all about Hillary Clinton. 

Hillary in a campaign speech to her supporters made herself an easy target with her "barking" on what she perceived are Republican lies...and yes I said barking, as in dogs barking.

Just watch this from Greg Gutfeld segment on The Five, February 16, 2016:

Who let the dogs out?



Anonymous said...

I know, right? Who on earth can vote for her? I just do not understand
Krissy in #ATX

Big Mike said...

I don't understand either, Krissy. Same on the GOP side, I don't know how anyone can vote for Trump. kind of sad. :-(