Sunday, July 10, 2016

Name This Composer

Hat/tip:  My local classical music station, KUHA 91.7 FM in Houston.

On Saturday, July 9 as I was driving home from my walk I heard this host of the classical music station ask to name this composer from the opening of a piece she had just played.  Here is this short clip that she played and see if you can name this composer.

I said to myself, 'that is definitely Franz Schubert'.  The host then said, if you guessed Schubert like I would have, that's a good guess but it is wrong. 

I won't give you the name of the composer yet, but tell you there is a good connection this composer had to Schubert.  His main composition teacher, Charles Gounod, was a huge Franz Schubert fan and led him in that style of composition, when this composer was a young boy. 

Here is this composer's first symphony [the first movement] that was scored in C-Major, that he composed at the young age of 17. 

Like Schubert this composer was a child prodigy, with accomplished compositions as a teenager and he died at a young age like Schubert did. 

Please turn up the volume and enjoy. 

Symphony #1 in C-Major, Movement 1, Allegro Vivo 

Didn't that sound like Schubert, through and through?  Well, enough with the suspense for those who don't know.  The composer was the great French Romantic composer, Georges Bizet.   

I'd say that was a pretty accomplished piece for a 17 year old, wouldn't you?   
Georges Bizet [1838-1875]
Now listen to this music by Franz Schubert, his Fifth Symphony that he composed when he was only 19, and you will understand how easy it would be to think Bizet's Symphony #1 was composed by Schubert. 

Franz Schubert: Symphony #5 in B Flat Major, Movement 1 Allegro: 


Pamela said...

BIZET, but of course 😉 His Symphony in C!

Big Mike said...

Bravo-Pamela! 😀