Friday, July 15, 2016

Motown Comes To Jones Hall With The Houston Symphony Orchestra

The fetching Mrs. B and I are really looking forward to go to our home away from home, Jones Hall, home of the Houston Symphony Orchestra on this Saturday, July 16 to watch the four great singers that make up the group "Spectrum" singing our favorite Motown hits.  What makes it even more special is that they will be accompanied by our world class Houston Symphony Orchestra. 

"Spectrum" - The Men of Motown - is made up of vocalists: E. C. Adams, Pierre Jovan, David Prescott, and Cushney Roberts

Here is the video on You Tube from the HSO You Tube site of Spectrum announcing they are coming to H-Town:

Welcome to Houston, "Spectrum."   Can't wait to see and hear you Saturday night!

Temptations:  My Girl:

The Four Tops:  "I Can't Help Myself" [Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch]:

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