Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Most Troubling Numbers For Trump From The ABC/Washington Post Poll

Guy P Benson from Townhall.com

The latest batch of polls have just come out and they all show the same thing-a close but steady advantage of about 3-7 points for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.   

In the ABC News/Washington Post poll [taken between July 11-14] Clinton is up by 4 points over Trump. In most of the swing battleground states, as seen in the Real Clear Politics website, Clinton again has a small but steady lead. 

What is hard to believe is that Clinton maintains a small lead despite having maybe the two worst weeks a presidential presumptive nominee has ever had, basically [in Hugh Hewitt's words] "being convicted but not indicted" by FBI director James Comey. 

But I don't believe the fact that she has a small lead in the head to head match-up or in the battleground states with Trump is the most worrisome news for Trump, as these polls will surely go up and down.

To me the following chart from the ABC News/Washington Post poll is the most troubling:

Qualified:  Hillary Clinton is +20 and Donald Trump is -23

If those numbers continue, in even close to that range, we might as well sadly start practicing to say, Madame President, on January 20, 2017.

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